lace-and-chocolate asked:

What camera/ film do you use?

Most of the photos here are disposable camera. They’re about $4 in Tokyo and $10 to develop a roll of film. Buying film is even cheaper.

I got my wife a Contax T2 for her birthday, so newer pictures may be with that camera. We use Kodak Portra 160 film because it makes skin look really good.

Thank u for your question!

thespottydingo asked:

What exactly does a booker do?

A booker is responsible for getting jobs for the models we represent at our agency. We speak directly to the clients and negotiate the rate for the model. We’re in charge of what models are in town at what time, we speak with the model’s mother agency and we book their flights to and from Tokyo. We’re in charge of their accommodations in Japan, all their travel, and their weekly allowance. We set up a schedule everyday for castings, and (in Japan) the managers then take the models in a van to the castings. In our market it would be impossible for the girls to get around on their own and promote themselves to clients because of the language barrier.

This is some of our responsibilities.

Our Saturday started with one phone call.
"What you doing? Come to Midtown and let’s have a Lunch"
We got ready quickly then we went  The Ritz Carlton for Lunch and meeting.

急いで準備して、いざリッツカールトンへランチ& meetingへ!

We had a great time drinking coffee and eating sweets at the Ritz Carlton lounge .
Then we went to SHIBUYA to get Cailin’s eyes checked.
Just as blind as she was 2 years ago ;)


We stopped at a nearby beer garden.
She tried Frozen Beer for the first time!

Her opinion was ” strange… cold… Fantastic for Instagram!”
Typical Cailin response…

We could have great beer and then we went to dinner to Coney.

We loved the atmosphere of this restaurant.
It felt like we were on a vacation outside of Tokyo, but we were really in an alley in Shibuya.
Here is link for the restaurant.Please have a look.

it was long Saturday but we had a lot of fun!